Art is for everyone, so come on and join us for a class! Click here to jump to adult classes. You can view the overall monthly calendar by clicking below, or see the schedule for each class category (as available) after its description. Contact me for a private class! Classes begin at $45 per painter for classes of four or less, and $35 per painter for five or more painters. There is no room rental fee and you could paint your choice for FREE! Ask me how! Birthday packages begin at $250 for up to 10 painters under age 13. View us on Facebook for painting selections and photos. Please reach out with any questions, we love to help you customize your event!

Open Studio Paint or Draw

Hours Beginning June 1 2021:

The studio has open, walk-in mini water color classes on Thursdays at 10 am. Tickets can be pre-purchased or walk ins welcome. Click on our calendar to view the open projects for the month and to pre-purchase tickets.

Reach out via email to schedule a time to come in and paint from many awesome rotating selections! Projects for the month are posted on our calendar and walk ins are accepted. Please note class age requirements. If you would like to guarantee your spot you can pre-purchase your ticket. Classes after 6 pm are ages 14 and up only. Please view our calendar or call 815-991-5164 or email for available times.

Art for Kids

Ages 7 to 9 and 10 to 13. 45$ for three classes
Art for Kids is an adventure into a variety of artistic techniques, styles, and materials. This is a fun and exciting course that will develop and grow as your child does. Students will create original works of art in pencil, ink, acrylic, watercolor and other materials all while learning how to effectively use art vocabulary by example to describe their creative process. We teach the skills of drawing, painting, and sculpture but the skills of creativity will follow your children in all areas of their lives!
child's hand finger painting with blue paint

Pre-K Art

CURRENTLY PRIVATE SESSIONS ONLY Age 2 - pre-k, accompanied by adult See Art and A Story below for Classes Ages 4-7

Please wear clothing that can get messy!
As a parent you know art has many benefits for young children. Creating art develops fine motor skills, introduces a new form of self-expression, and stimulates both halves of the brain, just to name a few! How can we as parents encourage our children to become lifelong creatives? Our comments and actions can greatly encourage children to grow self-confidence in art that spreads to all areas of their lives. In this class, together you and your child will create an art piece worthy of any wall space as we discuss and practice the 6 most important tips for inspiring and encouraging your child in the arts. Another plus? ZERO stress about a mess! Email to schedule.
three pre-teen girls in a painting class

Kids Paint

Ages 8 - 13, $25 per class
In this class, the artist will follow a step by step guided painting while being encouraged to develop their creativity and their own ideas within this guided process. We will discuss art concepts, look at artwork by famous artists, and discuss art history. Students will leave with a finished piece to be proud of and skills they can build on for future projects. See also Art for Kids.
colored pencils in a line with a white background

Kids Draw

Classes for 7-9-year-olds and 10-13-year-olds
$15 per class
Drawing is a skill that anyone can develop. In this class, we will use fun and intriguing subject matter to create a drawing that is visually interesting and encourages further practice at home. Drawing helps us learn to write and think creatively, develop hand-eye coordination, hone analytic skills, and conceptualize ideas. We will look at famous drawings and learn positive ways to discuss art that can also be used in other media and art settings. See also Art for Kids.
child painting on a canvas

Art and a Story

Ages 4 - 7, $25 per class
Children love books, and especially interesting pictures in books! In this class young artists will listen to a short story with illustrations and create an art piece inspired by the illustrations within the book. They will further develop their skills of using visual art to communicate and enhance a story.
closeup of watercolor painting


No brush? No problem! Come experiment with the abstract technique of an acrylic paint pour. You choose the colors and enjoy the relaxing flow of paint on your canvas. Coaster set classes available! You do the mixing and pouring and every result is different, every time! Addictive and fun!
closeup of watercolor painting

Adult Watercolor and Ink

For ages 18+, $40 per class
Learn the fundamentals of watercolor! Designed for those who have no or little experience, this class will focus on getting comfortable with techniques and enjoying the process of watercolor painting. Each class we will create a finished piece, using an ink pen to enhance the piece. Classes can stand alone, but are also designed to build skills so you can grow in this beautiful medium.
paint palette messy with paint

Adult Paint

Painting provides fun and improves your overall quality of life. Many of us decide in our youth if we are "artistic" and that painting is only for the experienced artist. All of us can nurture our creative growth by practicing painting. It is an amazing stress reducer and will give you a more optimistic view of life! Grab some friends and I will walk you through, step by step, each of our paintings. They are designed to be successful for artists with no previous experience, and room to flourish if you have painted before. Join in our open to the public classes or create a private paint event of your own. By creating a private event, you may paint for FREE! Ask me how!
two mugs side by side


Stay tuned for more class offerings in ceramics!