About Jenny Schneck

Jenny Schneck headshot

As a child of artistic parents, my life has been full of opportunities to create. I learned early on that we are capable of using art to tell our story, and everyone has a story worth telling. Many people haven’t had the same upbringing in art but it’s not too late! It’s just a matter of finding courage and allowing yourself to make mistakes along the way.

Teaching art education publicly and privately has instilled in me the belief that art is for everyone and that we all have an inherent need to be creative. Creating art can be a tool to help us more deeply understand our world, become a better problem solver, and, most importantly, feel more emphatic, more joyful, and more human.

In addition to being a teacher, I am an exhibiting surreal portrait artist. Creating art with all its ups and downs has been part of my story my entire life. I live and love art because I simply cannot live without it. As strong as that love of creating is in me, I have an even greater love for inspiring others to discover the creative within themselves. This love and mission brought forth the existence of Bleu Palette. In the Bleu Palette studio, I teach in a calming, reassuring manner. I want everyone to meet the artist in themselves, because that artist is in there! I want you to awaken or rekindle your sense of creativity and discover the role art can play in your life, whatever your journey might be.

If you are willing to look inside yourself and grab a brush, a pencil, or a slab of clay, you will be more open, more connected, and more at peace than in anything else you can do. Let’s meet at Bleu Palette to begin the journey. Your work is waiting for you to begin!